5 business lessons by Jeff Bezos founder of Amazon

On some occasions we place the great leaders in idealized ligands that are usually unattainable, but the truth is that they are people who are the same as us. If they are considered from that point of view, it is much more feasible to learn from them great lessons that can be very useful to undertake.

This time I will tell you about the favorable business lessons by Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, it is a man of great vision and initiative, who managed to realize his dreams without being carried away by the fear of taking any risk.

Jeff is the successful founder of one of the most prestigious e-commerce companies worldwide. This man stands out for having a story full of innumerable merits, both in the economic aspect, and in the human aspect due to everything he has achieved during his dedicated life.

Tops of 5 lessons to undertake by Jeff Bezos

Jeff’s ability is totally unsurpassed, the qualities he has include a unique leadership, his critical thinking skills, his dedication to his clients and his desire to innovate, which contributed to making Amazon.com one of the most important businesses Millionaires of the planet.

Below, I will show you some recommendations provided by Jeff, in relation to his personal experience:

Work with a small team that is reliable

This is one of the most successful keys, since on the one hand the working groups that have large numbers of participants, can become deficient. That is why the leader of digital commerce points out that it is essential that all participants maintain good communication and have as much accessibility as possible between them.

For him, small and autonomous teams are the most efficient to perform their work better. His idea of ​​this situation indicates that the number of people indicated to work is 5 to 7 people so that they can communicate favorably.

One of the first objectives is the positioning

Jeff recommends that all entrepreneurs focus on brand positioning as the main goal. It clarifies that businessmen who are starting with their project should not focus solely on achieving immediate success. It indicates that, instead, it is better to position oneself and from there wait for the results.

Together with this, it consolidates that the best way to achieve this is to choose something that you are really passionate about and you have to be sure that it is something that really interests you. Jeff indicates, according to his experience, that each person who gets involved with the product or service he offers is the one who gets the best results.

When you have vision, the difference is made

One of the factors that determine the success of trade is related to the ability to see beyond the moment. If you observe the development of Jeff’s entrepreneurship, you will be able to appreciate a high capacity for opportunities and have a better sense of perspective. When he had his beginnings with the online bookstore that later became Amazon.com, at that time there was nothing like it anywhere in the world.

He applied his intelligence and imagination to project a unique and prosperous service in the future. In this way, he realized that the Internet is a medium for a broad future, with which he had enough perfect materials to make his commercial proposal a reality. This same route of action today remains one of its main features, since in the future it wants to make deliveries through drones.

Think long term

One of its most used strategies is the ability to project in the long term, that indicates having to have a vision of the future, while the perspective is not lost. When Jeff launched his business, nobody knew about the existence of the Internet and much less knew how it worked.

Despite this ignorance, the CEO was able to infer how the development of that technology would be. Jeff not only had the vision to carry it out, but he also thought of a distribution system for his service that was profitable immediately and prolonged.

Design strategies on invariable factors

In relation to business, Jeff advises to base the action plan on invariable factors, thus indicating the importance of studying the land where it will be operated and its possible progress in the future. Everything will depend on the effort of each company to satisfy its customers and provide an efficient service. In the case of Amazon.com, Jeff’s certainty to all this, he thought of enjoying and seeing its benefits until after ten years of having put his project into development.

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