3 Ways to Use Facebook to Grow Your Business

Currently, a large part of the world population has social networks, including children, babies and the elderly, which is why as an entrepreneur you should take full advantage of this large number of potential clients. There are many ways to grow a business with Facebook, one of the most important social networks of our generation, if you want to know how to get it keep reading this post and find out everything you need to know.

How to grow a business with Facebook?

Most of the businesses take advantage of these platforms to make themselves known, even some of them work to offer their products only in this way, because they know how to take advantage of each of the benefits offered. If you want to join the business community on Facebook, here we are going to tell you what you must do to make all your plans successful.

Take care of the content you publish

It may seem quite obvious, but many forget that content is everything when making a product known, the first thing is to inform that there are new posts on your page or main blog. The best way is to do it manually, create your own updates at least two or three times a week, depending on how you have defined the calendar of your website.

Ask questions with the new functions of the application, this helps to obtain excellent feedback with customers. Constantly share photos and videos of the premises, merchandise or services you offer is excellent, so users who follow you may be interested in your company and want to get your products. It is also a good way to make a B2B from company to company, with others that are in your same field, so that you can easily know your competition.

Share purchase links with your products, that is something vital, but from time to time share an article from the official website of magazines or influences quite recognized where there is talk of a specific trend that you are planning to include in your repertoire. At the time of writing use a line that is not too formal, the idea is that you make your customers feel they have a conversation with you, they will feel more confident asking questions about their doubts and will want to keep abreast of your publications.

Create a landing page

This is something that many people are completely unaware of, when new users arrive at your wall they are achieved with an avalanche of information, comments, variety of content, photos, videos, shared links, information regarding things they do not completely know, this can make them feel confused and run away, that’s why your best option is to create an alternate page.

Instead of making your new visits, those that still do not follow you, reach the wall directly, you can create the Lansing page and mark it as the default homepage. If you want to mount one more professionally, we recommend using an application known as Static HTML tab, which will allow you to develop a better presence with Facebook.

Stay on top of your account statistics

Currently with its new modifications, accounts that are registered as brands or influencers have the facility to access statistics of interaction with followers where you can see:

  • What are the most successful posts in the week?
  • What kind of profiles are the most interacting in your account, ages, gender and more.
  • Know where new users arrive, the wall or the landing page.
  • What areas of your account visit more frequently?
  • What are the external references that give you more visits?

That is why keeping abreast of your interactions is vitally important; knowing your followers, the customers who purchase your products or services makes you a good entrepreneur. In this way you will know in a short time what are the posts that are best for you, when the interaction is greater and everything related to always being in contact with them.

These are some of the tips that we give you so you can grow your business through Facebook, remember that it is the most complete social network and that allows you to interact with your users, as well as create quality content constantly. Although it is important that you make constant publications, do not forget that it is better quality than quantity, sharing too much nonsense information can bore users, and will follow you follower and potential customers.

Spam is never a good idea, even at special times like Christmas, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day or others. Be smart; create fun posts, with accurate and good quality information, well written and more that the photos and videos are creative and with bright colors, but in the right amount.

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