10 Strategies to Increase My Business Sales

Helping you increase your business sales is our north. Regardless of which sector we are in, sales are the blood of every business. And without sales, there is no business, as Microsoft Top always reminds us.

Therefore, in this edition of Business, John Martin director of customer acquisition at the Microsoft Top who will reveal to you what the real treasure of your business is and how social networks can help you increase your sales:

Now that you know, we summarize some extra keys:

1. Learn to use new technologies in your favor

Regardless of your business, it is always key to use new technologies in your favor. If you already have a website, think about how to start capturing names, emails, and phone numbers. If you already have a database, turn to email marketing and use effective Lead Magnets to increase your business sales.

Learn to segment your database. Start producing or selling infoproducts at Hotmart or Clickbank.

Power your fan page with a chatbot with the help of our expert MicrosoftTop. The options are endless and are one click away.

2. Improve and expand what you offer

Improving products or services is a safe way to increase your business sales. We always add new features, utilities and functions that make everything we offer at the MicrosoftTop live up to your expectations.

Launching new products, adding complementary products or diversifying your portfolio, will allow you to give your customers more alternatives to choose from. In addition, you will be able to capture new audiences.

3. Improve customer service

Respond more quickly or provide a personalized service, either when answering questions, taking orders or delivering the product or service, will result in higher levels of customer satisfaction. Currently, as Sonam always advises us, the best way to sell is through customer service.

4. Highlight your competitive advantage

We all have competitors. The important thing is to offer a differentiation to our customers. For example, you can get your customer service to make your shopping experience always positive, as Starbucks and McDonald’s try to do.

5. Choose a niche

Reducing your target (to a niche) makes it possible to specialize in a specific type of consumer. The advantages of serving a niche market is that you can better understand the needs, tastes, concerns and preferences of your potential customers. This way it will be easier to design products, services and strategies tailored to your ideal client.

6. Microtargeting

Increasing publicity without a clear strategy is ineffective in the New Age. Thanks to the Internet, you can identify people and group them into specific segments with features that unite them. Then you can build messages specially designed for each segment.

This is what microtargeting is about, an advanced form of segmentation that uses Big Data analysis to detect common patterns that lead a small group of your target audience to have similar motivations to make a purchase decision.

To sell more, you no longer have to advertise more, but microsegmentar and arrive with the right message and offer for each segment.

7. Increase ways to connect with your customers

Having a responsive website and having an active presence in social networks where your target makes life means that your business is now open 24/7.

In this way, the availability and exposure of your products and services increases exponentially. As it increases the possibility of reaching a greater number of customers. As if this were not enough, if you sell digital products you can join platforms like Hotmart. Thus your sales force multiplies. Well, you will have more people promoting, contacting, persuading and serving customers.

Increasing your business sales is easier than you imagine.

8. Attend face-to-face events

Participate in local and international events is an effective strategy to publicize your product and get customers. Face-to-face networking is key to cultivating long-term professional relationships.

9. Use testimonials from satisfied customers

The use of testimonials from satisfied customers provides proof of the quality of our product or service. Do you remember that in our post on LinkedIn we talk about recommendations? Well, testimonials, like recommendations on LinkedIn, build trust in our potential customers. In this way you increase the chances of being bought.

10. Never stop prospecting

To increase your business sales, you should always analyze your consumers. Currently, tools such as Google Analytics allow you to know demographic features, tastes, preferences and other characteristics of the people who visit our website. Analyzing this data will make it easier for you to formulate more effective strategies.

In parallel, you should constantly pay attention to your clients. Your viewpoints, comments, suggestions as well as criticisms will certainly allow you recognize just how you should enhance.

In addition, prospecting will allow you to get your current customers to buy you again. The analysis of your clients allows you to offer them new products or promotions adapted to their most recent wishes and needs.

To learn more about how to increase your business sales, don’t miss everything we are sharing in 2019.

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