Every year is a new challenge, an opportunity to start from scratch and why not? It is also the perfect pretext to start a successful business.

The first weeks of January have passed, that return after possible vacations or enough time to see if that initial motivation of January 1 continues. If you still did not get “down to work” is the best time then for you to start with it.

While it is difficult to know what a boom was or not in a year, according to how the commercial sector has moved in 2018 we can have an idea of what will be those businesses that will be very popular. This is perfect for those who have time thinking about what they can undertake or even, in case you have already done so, it will serve as a guide to know what are the businesses with which you could even partner to give your company a new air.

1. Healthy food restaurants connected with nature

Healthy food is a business that has become so popular and has so many good reasons that we have even made a post about its benefits. Starting from this premise, this culinary modality is here to stay, so far from being a business that was born from a fashion, it is one that will gain more strength over time. That is why many entrepreneurs have chosen to lean towards the world of healthy gastronomy, and as you can imagine, there will be a lot of competition.

This cannot be avoided, but everything possible can be done to stand out with novel ideas. In 2019, the concept of healthy restaurants that are in contact with nature will be very fashionable. The idea of this is to bring consumers closer to a natural environment, that they feel as if they are eating at a picnic in front of the sea or under the mountains. For this, it is vital to play with the decoration of the premises and also, place it in a place that transmits a lot of tranquility. This mixed with a menu with fresh and organic products will be a favorite of 2019.

2. Social Media Management Company

It is no secret to anyone that the world of social networks has become one of the best spaces for companies to connect with their customers and promote what they sell; Think about it: people search for products and services online at all times, the potential customers of thousands of companies are active users of social networks, in fact, according to Smart Insights more than 3100 million people use them daily! Very close to half of the world’s population! However, even today many companies still do not understand how to use social networks correctly and even how to make your content be seen when you are just starting a business.

It is for this reason that with a company specialized in this field you can help others verify their social media strategies to increase their exposure. You can provide Social Media Manager, Community Manager Services and even expand in the world of digital marketing by providing SEO optimization services, email marketing, web design, etc. The idea is that you can take advantage of the importance that this space is having in today’s business, especially with the rise of e-commerce.

3. Portable offices

When you live in a busy city, going out to do some activity or the simple action of taking the subway is a headache because of how much it can take you. This problem has been studied by many and the idea of generating portable offices in different strategic places such as the subway station and some avenues has been presented. The business was the initiative of the Xerox company together with the Tokyo city subway system, who have developed offices of 1.6 x 1.1 meters wide that will have air conditioning, computer with fast speed wifi, printer and a comfortable chair, which becomes – without imagining it – a pleasant office to pass the subway waiting, which we know can be desperate.

Best of all, you can make reservations for space through a mobile application and you can even be only 15 minutes if that’s what you want. Undoubtedly it is a sign that Asians always take the lead when it comes to engineering innovative systems, but we can take advantage of this concept and we adopt it in our environment and add new and unique elements. It is a great business idea because if we start thinking, it is an office that will never be empty.

4. Coworking-like spaces for different purposes

As an entrepreneur you already have familiarity with the term “coworking”, we have talked about it before and we even have several posts where we discuss the topic in more depth. In this business example, we are indispensable to name WeWork, a super co-working startup that focuses on creating workspaces for other enterprises, helping to improve the productivity, concentration, and innovation of other businesses. This means that WeWork seeks to help the growth of other companies while these in turn, by using their services, help the growth of it. This is coworking.

In the case of this business idea, it is not an event hall that is put on rent, but rather a coffee-style space that is not. Everything is summed up in generating this comfortable environment, with colorful colors and different devices such as printers, and Internet service, where people will pay to use it. It is like a restaurant where people do not pay for food, but space. This idea is very timely because every day more enterprises are generated that do not have offices and employ “distance” workers, so the existence of these places means that they can approach in some way, have physical meetings and even share With the work team.

An example of this is Anticafe, a startup with its business model that follows this purpose and even has board games so that there is also a place for leisure. In this place, you can rent spaces for almost any purpose and the service includes hot and cold drinks, as well as certain snacks, but in the same way, users have the freedom to bring their food and drinks if they wish, it is an office very comfortable. It is very much related to coworking and what WeWork does, but it is not the same, they are only similar.

5. Green stores

Continuing with the theme of healthy, and based on the fact that if we continue as we continue, the planet Earth has less than 100 years left, it was clear that many will decide to be part of the right side of history and open companies that follow the theme of Organic, recyclable and of course, healthy. This is how in 2019, stores of this type can be a total success. It is about creating a space where instead of finding Maruchan soups, you can get foods that are easily prepared but made with organic products, other types of more homemade products, such as vegetables, plants, etc … Anyway! Create this environment so but so natural that it not only brings a new experience to consumers but also, in the process, take care of their health and that of the environment.

6. Activities that are in less conventional places

Who said that the advancement of technology should mean something negative? On the contrary, its constant evolution is something that business can undoubtedly take advantage of to make conventional activities that we all already knew, something much more innovative and creative. One way to do this is by incorporating sports halls in unconventional places such as airports, for example.

In recent years, “sleeping capsules” have become famous, which consist of rooms that contain several vaults where the person pays rent and can go to sleep in it or simply to rest while watching Netflix. This service has been extremely successful because we already know how long and exhausting the waiting times for flights at these airports can be.

However, there is a new concept that has just been implemented in several airports in the United States, and instead of being room to rest; they are rooms for exercise, such as yoga. Yoga on the Fly is a startup that has put this idea into practice and has been phenomenal. These are small studies that feature the stretcher, headphones and of course the screen where the user is taught yoga class, creating a relaxing experience that is very timely when we come from the stress of taking many flights. It is a brilliant business idea and it certainly comes with a lot of intensity for 2019.

7. Home Wrappers

The packaging is an issue that should never be ignored or treated as less in the construction of a brand, as it is one of the factors that will make a company unforgettable and unique. However, creating the perfect package can be a headache and also a very important investment. It is here that another possible business is generated for those people who love design: the elaboration of personalized envelopes.

It consists of offering the client the wrapper he desires, designing it according to his interests and of course taking into account the purpose of said company. One of the pioneering companies on this issue is the No issue startup, from New Zealand, who has become famous for creating the most adorable wraps that can be found, which they sell to the brands that contact them, the touch of authenticity that does not It may be missing in any business.

8. Food made of crickets

Crickets are no longer considered a food taboo and every day we see how haute cuisine includes them in their dishes. This is because it is shown that they contain more protein and nutrients than the red and white meat we commonly eat and that it is a dish free of animal cruelty. Different companies have been working with crickets for years like Bitty Foods, of whom we have already made a post, and also EXO, who have developed incredibly delicious cricket-based snacks. For 2019 we will be surprised to see that every day there will be more and more of these foods in local stores, so it becomes a very promising business to start in 2019.

9. Surprise bags

Another business that is sounding a lot lately and that various brands have decided to incorporate into their marketing strategies is that of “surprise bags”. This is a bag that the person who subscribes to the service receives each month, where you can enjoy different small items that contain the description of it. For example, it is more usual to see it in brands intended for women, such as beauty, where the person who subscribed, pays $ 20 a month and receives his bag with different items that he could enjoy, such as facial products, art, jewelry, etc…

This is a very successful and productive idea because it not only manages to keep the customer excited about knowing what he will receive month after month in his bag, but also because it allows making independent brands known by this means. Cusebox is one of the companies that has adopted this mechanism, who in addition to promoting the consumption of different independent brands, allies with charitable causes.

10. Food for children

The food industry will always be a good idea to start a business, for the simple fact that people are always going to eat and also, in recent years and with the serious diseases that affect users by sugary foods or with ingredients Artificial, many entrepreneurs with talent in the culinary arts have taken the opportunity to take a position in the market, offering quality products and of course, very healthy.

A very productive idea to create a successful food business is the sale of food for children. The year 2014 closed with more than 42 million children suffering from obesity according to the World Health Organization. This aroused the alarms of all the parents in the world, concerned about the health of their children, and it was expected that companies would like to respond to this need.

Organic food is being a boom for the benefits it brings to its consumers, but organic food for children, which must contain the necessary nutrients for them and their correct growth, is a business alternative that if you are passionate about, you can take out successfully. Quality products, accompanied by an innovative and unique package, could be your destination in the food industry, in addition to being something lucrative for you; you will be putting a grain of sand in the search for a healthier planet.

2019 is another step towards technological advances and therefore we must also continue uploading them to never be left behind. As you can see, the ecological sector is one that has a quite future and that also brings many benefits for the environment and us as inhabitants of this beautiful planet.

And you already started a business? Do you plan to do it in this 2019? Tell us what you think about these ideas and also how you would implement the new trends to your enterprise in the comments section.


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