10 Books for Digital Strategies for Entrepreneurs

If you are one of those who already ventured into your venture and your focus every day is towards its expansion, it is logical that you have thought about the strategies that you can put in place to achieve your task, and surely that includes the digital scope.

That is why we bring in this article the 10 books for digital strategies for entrepreneurs, in which you can access sources of knowledge that will help you in this task.

The 10 books that will provide you with the best digital strategies

When you are already in the world of entrepreneurship there is a condition that you must comply with:: Continue training ’and this includes all areas, especially in digital matters, which is the one that is currently under development. That is precisely why we offer you this list with the 10 books that you can consult to devise the best digital strategies for your venture.

Content Marketing by Neil Revilla

This book demonstrates the importance of creating content that allows you to conquer your audience, at the same time it states that content marketing is currently one of the most effective strategies, since it has an optimal cost-benefit ratio, which in other words it tells us that incredible results can be achieved with minimal investment.

Behind the counter by Marina Salas

This book is ideal for those who want an online store and trade electronically. The author shows us what are the alternatives of Digital Marketing subject to the reality of your resources, also shows what options are available for those who point to business on the Internet. You will also find experiences, testimonials and advice from those who have already ventured with this type of stores.

Marketing Analytics: How to define and measure an Online Strategy by Tristan Elosegui Figueroa and Gemma Munoz Vera

When you aim for a job on the Internet that is efficient from the perspective of Online Marketing it is essential to study the analytical programs frequently. You will also learn to create a plan that will lead you to reach your goals and design a practical method of measuring your strategy.

Learn Facebook from scratch by Roberto Gamboa

This author set out to provide all the information about the ‘Facebook advertising tools’ and how they work. In addition, it reveals how you can take advantage of its great organized and threatening potential. From the perspective of digital marketing, Facebook is the most important social network, because it contains all kinds of audiences, as well as advertising tools.

The great Community Manager book by Manuel Moreno Molina

This is a book that gives you a series of tools and techniques that will allow you to take advantage of social networks while you succeed in social media. Of course this triumph is a consequence of directing your actions towards finding, winning and maintaining your target audience, purposes that you can achieve thanks to the explanation offered by the book.

SEO: Advanced techniques by Fernando Macia

Any entrepreneur who aspires to achieve success cannot ignore the importance of SEO for your business. Therefore, the author offers an extraordinary reading alternative for those who want to get good results on their website or blog. Seen as a strategy, you can find the way you can get your page to be displayed in the first search results on the web.

Social media marketing by Human Level Communications

Any entrepreneur, who seeks to promote their brand, increase their sales and even interact with their customers, must necessarily take advantage of social networks. That is why, based on this idea, a group of specialists gathered to publish this book. In this one you will realize the functionalities that social networks offer you, how to design marketing plan, among other things.

Digital Marketing Strategy 6 Sales for Startups by Almudena Delgado Galisteo and Verónica Meza Tamayo

It appears as an essential text in the field of Online Marketing, in which you can find the steps you must follow to make a successful launch of your product online. At the same time it presents useful modern concepts for others, such as Lead Scoring, Lead Management, Scrum Sales and BANT.

How to prepare a Social Media Marketing Plan by Pedro Rojas and María Redondo

It offers its readers a step-by-step guide to the development of a Social Media Marketing plan for the company or business, with clear and precise instructions defined from the areas of operation, observation, execution and evaluation. You will also find notions on how to formulate a strategy so that you define where your work in Social Media will be focused.

Google AdWords: increase your sales with Google by Guillermo Pareja

It will teach you how to design campaigns with Google AdWords through 10 simple steps. It is highly recommended for entrepreneurs; at the same time you can take advantage of all the tools offered by the No 1 search engine to expand your business.

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